Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New Build Update

I have ordered the new build from GD. I am hoping to take delivery of it at the end of October or beginning of November. This time I am taking the chassis and body together , along with all the other parts. I am having the body fully polished this time (hated doing the last one). The colour scheme and feel of the car is going to be a bit more traditional. Here is my inspiration.



As I said before the body will be in gel and polished. GD are going to try and put a metallic gelcoat stripe in it for me. It’s all a bit experimental yet so watch this space.

I am also going for sidepipes which GD are making, I believe they are going to be an option for all in the future.

I have already stripped the donor


I had all the parts powder coated. It actually worked out cheaper than sand blasting/stripping and POR15 and the finish is first class.


The colour for the chassis and running gear is Gentian Blue RAL 5010

Finally I am only going for outward period looks and have gone for an LS2 as the power plant. I just couldn’t bring myself to swap to a rusty old iron block after the fun, reliability and I have to say it, economy of the LS1.


The engine was courtesy of Vauxhall Monaro VRX with 12K on the clock. It was still in the car and running before I helped remove it and all checked out OK.

A small mod to the gear lever and it’s ready to drop in the new arrival.


Just cut off the gearlever mount and welded it back to the original position.

So that’s about it for now, I will post up a few pics when the new one arrives.