Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Steering Wheel and Some Mods

Picked up a nice wooden steering wheel and boss from GD the other day. While I was fitting it I thought I might as well do the stalk mod and sort out the cancelling on the indicators.

The first stage was to take out the steering column and strip out the plastic stalks, these were then cut off


A hole is then drilled in the end and then tapped out with an M6 tap


The stainless steel stalk can then be screwed into the plastic stalk end


One done, just a repeat for the other side and put all the steering column back together.


Next on the list was to sort the indicator self cancelling out. One approach and probably the simplest is to insert two studs into the boss either side of the cancelling peg.


Simons Blog shows this quite nicely

I however opted for the method that Paul at GD uses which is to make a little bracket up and fix it to the boss using a couple of M5 caphead bolts. I don't think there is any difference in the workings of the two methods, so the choice is yours.


Some careful measuring is needed to determine the placing of the bracket and it’s length. Once that was done all that remained was to reinstall the column and fix the new wheel on.


On to the roof now.

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