Saturday, 19 June 2010

Great Day At GD

I called in at GD the other day to pick up the soft top, steering wheel and a few other bits and bobs. When I arrived I was greeted by Andy complete with a couple of walking sticks. Apparently he had pulled his back while lifting a parcel (wimp).

It was a nice sunny day and Ian Stent, editor of Complete Kit Car was there to do a piece on the GD Cobra. Now unfortunately I didn’t have my camera so was unable to take any pics. but suffice to say we had a good old chat, and he nipped off in the GD demonstrator to take some arty shots.

While he was gone the guys from Holland turned up with a GT40 that they were attempting to get through IVA


Andy commented on the fact that the bodyshell would probably fit on their GDT70 chassis. So out came the tape measure and it wasn’t far off. Food for thought, Day dreaming Maybe GDGT40 Day dreaming

When Ian arrived back he wanted to do some action shots with the car moving. Now this is where it got interesting, Andy hobbles over and says “ would you like to drive the demonstrator while Ian hangs out the back of a car and takes some photos” Let’s just say he didn’t have to ask twice.

Action Shot 

Ian kindly sent me this shot.

Ian was also interested to hear about my build and asked me to send him a picture of myself and the car and he would put a little sub box thingy in with the article. He then went off to give it a good old test drive. When he got back he seemed quite impressed with the car, but we’ll have to wait and see what he writes in the article.

I’m not sure when the article is being published in Complete Kit Car but it’ll be one copy I’ll be buying.

So fame at last, I’m going to have to get an agent and everything, do you thing they’ll give me an Equity Card.Talk to the hand

So all in all a really good day. Ian was a really nice chap, as were the Dutch guys. We all sat and had lunch, talking cars and other blokie things, sun shining what more could you want. Just wish I’d had a camera. I thought of a few more bits I wanted and Paul made them while I waited (he’s another really nice chap)Winking and then went home to explain to the wife where I’d been all day.

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