Friday, 11 June 2010

Car Finished and Ready For IVA

Well that's it. I'm afraid that I have missed loads of the build stuff out due to no time to build the car, run the business and keep the blog up to date, suffice to say the blog has took the back seat. The car is now finished and awaiting it's IVA.


I just have the bonnet and scoop to polish and fix. A nice job for Sunday morning.



I went for a simple dash layout, note the labels that now have to be applied to identify what each switch does to comply with IVA regs.


  1. congrats! I'm sure you'll sail through IVA. I see you have the same exhaust system as I will be using. Do you have a picture of that from the underside and the back of the car?


  2. Thanks Marcel. I dont have pic but if you let me know exactly what you're looking for I'll take one and post it up.

  3. Just a picture from the back of the car so I can see how the exhaust looks. If you can take a picture of the underside of the car that would be great too, also for the exhaust layout.

    Just read on the forum that your car passed IVA! Congrats!