Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bonnet & Scoop Polished & Fixed--- Thoughts About The Next One…………

I gave the bonnet and scoop the Farecla treatment today and fixed it on with some M4 stainless bolts. 27 off the bl***y things. Just need that man from VOSA to call now. I suppose I’d better clean the garage up while I’m waiting.


The scoop is just for show really. I haven’t gone to the trouble of cutting the hole in the bonnet as the LS engines do not require the extra cooling or air intake for the carburettors. In fact Andy’s demonstrator at GD has the same set up, with no hole in the bonnet.

I have to say that the whole thing has been a truly enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anybody.

As can be seen from the pic below I already have the donor for the next one. A 3.6 MK3 Manual XJS with powerlok diff.


I have already started to strip the front running gear with the rest being dismantled over the summer, ready for a winter build again.

I will be building another GD427 but will be going for a more classical look this time. Although I will be using another LS engine (probably an LS2 400hp+) so I know a few out there wont agree. But personally I think they are outstanding in performance, reliability and fuel economy which I am afraid is getting harder to ignore in today's market.

I have already had discussions with Andy regarding colours and build options and feel just as excited about it as I did this one.


Having said that I’m not sure if I will blog the whole build again as I didn’t make a brilliant job of blogging this one. I will though, be definitely posting updates as I go along.

So fingers crossed for the IVA. I already have the DVLA inspection booked for the 24th June, so barring anything disastrous at the IVA I should be all legal then and ready for Le Mans Classic.

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