Tuesday, 11 May 2010

IVA Application

Rang Andy today at GD and still no pedal box but it is imminent. As this is the last part to fit besides the carpet I have decide to get my application in for the IVA. The first or second week in June should be fine if it’s available. I might even make the Newark Kit Car Show, all be it in an unpolished state, because I amAt wits end totally cheesed off with the whole buffing thing and would advise anybody with as shorter boredom threshold as me, to get it done by GD. Any people out there (with masochistic tendencies) who are able and willing to do it for me (maybe for a small fee) please feel free to put yourself forward. Call me

Here is a top tip for anybody doing a build with an LSx engine. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE ENGINE NUMBER BEFORE IT GOES IN as the tiny etched numbers on the block are just about impossible to see after the body is on. But after a lot of shuffling and shining of the torch I managed it.

Also picked up a sheet of STICKERS today, that will be very useful for labeling all the switches etc.



  1. Sand / buff one panel or a bit of one, then go do other stuff and come back another night.
    I tend to spend a couple of hours and go do something else. Having done a lot of body work before i started sanding etc at the start of the work to spread it out over the build. A lot more work to it than paint, totally different process.
    wool mop is good to get the scores out in a hurry with G6, then foam mop with G3. dunno about G10 its very fine for the Gel and dont do a lot. might do wee swirls when the car is finished.
    Biggest problem is the more you do it the more you start to see stuff and it gets under your skin, you see stuff no one else will lol

  2. Thanks for the advice/encouragement Rob, I have all the right gear just not the patitence to do it. I always seem to be able to find something else to do besides the polishing.