Sunday, 16 May 2010


One of the new requirements for IVA is the need for a headrest. This can either be built into the seat or fixed to the car in some way. There are various measurements and rules that have to be adhered to depending on which route you go down. If anybody wants to delve into it more, all the information can be found in the IVA Manual HERE

I decided to have seats without the headrests built in and GD provide a headrest that fix to the roll bar.


I think they looks quite smart, but unfortunately Mr IVA man says it is to small.

So I set about making some larger ones.

The first step was to make a template out of some card and then use it to cut some 12mm ply.


I then put a radius on the edge with a router and with help from a small chisel and some epoxy resin I captured some M10 nuts on the foam faced side of the ply.


Next I shaped a piece of 75mm thick foam to fit and stuck it on.


Then came the tricky bit of wrapping the vinyl around it. Using what I can only say was a lot of brute force and a very small amount of ignorance, I managed to stretch and pull it so that I was happy with the result.


All I needed to do then was trim off the access, cut a piece for the back and I was all done.


I am quite pleased with end result and they should be fine for the IVA, my fingers are a little sore from all the pulling though.


Just another one to do now Sigh

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