Monday, 3 May 2010


I have the instruments at last, so set to work on the dashboard. The first task was to scribe the dash in to the scuttle to allow 5mm clearance and then drill seven 3.2mm holes to take the M4 dome head bolts. The holes are drilled small so as to give a really tight fit and stop them moving when you fix the dash in place. I added some epoxy glue under the heads just to be sure.



I then marked out the dash for the various gauges and switches.


Then it was out with Dremel. The job was made quite easy using the radius attachment.


Once this was done I stuck the foam on using spray adhesive and stretched the leather over gluing it on the back, which I thought I’d took some pictures of but obviously forgotThinking

All the gauges and switches were then pushed in, the end result is quite satisfying. I used some hole punches to cut the leather for the switches and warning lights. I punched each hole 2mm smaller than the actual switch/warning light size.


I then made up some mini looms for the gauges,switches and warning light and it was already to plug and play.


Things to note are that you have thin out the back of the dash where the Lucas switches are as there isn’t enough thread to get the nut on with the leather and foam.

I will add the piping to the top just before I final fit the dash. 


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  1. Radius cutter works wonders on the build, Dash looks well :)