Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fuel Tank & Pump

The fuel tank fits in the boot and just requires a couple of straps to hold it in place. But before the tank went in I needed to fit the fuel tank sender.


This was an easy job made hard by the fact that it is awkward to get a decent low fuel reading due to the shape of the tank. But after much messing about with the multimeter and tipping of the tank upside down and back again I got there. It was just a case of soldering the float arms and fitting the sender. I drilled and tapped the tank for M5 bolts and applied some Blue Hylomar to all surfaces to ensure a good seal.

I then took two pieces of aluminum, bent them to the correct shape to fit the tank. These were then fastened in place with some M6 nuts and bolts.


I then mounted the fuel pump, filter and regulator and made the connections.


This was then bolted to the inside of the boot.


I will be boxing the pump assembly in before carpeting. I am also waiting for a connection for the regulator from the States to enable final fitting.

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