Friday, 9 April 2010

Disappointing News

Well I’m afraid that my goal of the Stoneleigh show is not going to happen. I am actually quite close but unfortunately still waiting on the pedal box, instruments and carpets. The heater arrived last week and the other bits are imminent but I wont have enough time to fit them and get through the IVA. The good news is that I have booked for the Le Mans Classic, complete with parade laps in July, so I shouldn't have a problem with that.

Although I have not posted for a while I have still been busy with the build. The wiring has been done as far as possible with out the instruments. The windscreen has been fitted and removed wipers installed along with the doors, bonnet, boot, fuel tank , fuel pump and filter etc.

To put the smile back on my face I decided it was time to give the engine a start. I checked through the wiring, carefully making any live feeds safe and added a bit of fuel to the tank.

With a very shaky hand and the old ticker doing ten to the dozen I tentatively turned the key.

The wife was standing by with the video camera and guess what “NOTHING”.

After much guffawing and leg pulling by the “video operator” I traced the fault to the feed for the coil packs not being connected.

So here we go again, still feeling a lot of trepidation and also sensing that “the video operator” was going to get fed up and go back inside to watch “Eastenders” I said a little prayer and turned the key.



Only a short burst as I still have to connect the water, but at least it let me give a smug smile to my now very impressed “video operator”

Apologies for missing out previous parts of the build,  I will add these over the coming week or so. I just couldn’t resist posting the first run.

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  1. Hobby things never go according to plan :( I meant to get loads done over the winter but house improvements took over.
    Look on the bright side it lives now, the rumble and that priceless grin when it fires over is better than coping of with twins :)))))))))
    I'm just geting fired into mine at the moment so a long long way to go twins for me