Thursday, 22 April 2010


I also got round to fitting the handbrake. I made my own bracket. I first made a template out of aluminum sheet and then took this to my friendly fabricators Westons as I wanted it out of 1/4” steel sheet and it would be easier for them to bend it. I then welded a couple of nuts on it and I was all set.


New Arrivals

On one of my visits to GD I picked up my wheels. I decided to go with 16” as I like the look of a bit more rubber and the softer ride they give.



The wiring is all done now. I decided to use a standard Lucas loom from Premier Wiring instead of GD’s. I had a word with Alan and told him what I wanted and got him to add a few bits in for me, extra relays, more length where need etc. It has worked out really well and I am very pleased especially since it worked out about half the price.

DSC01602 DSC01612 

All the ends are now complete with multiconectors and ready for the dash to be plugged straight in.

I also wasn’t happy with using female spade connectors straight onto the column switches so a quick trip down to the scrap yard out with the soldering iron and shrink wrap and it was all sorted.


I have had a thought that maybe there isn’t room for these within the cowl, I’ll just have to wait and see.

The horn has been fitted. I decided on a STEBEL at around 120 decibels it’s pretty loud, It certainly made my ears ring when I tried it in the garage.


I have used some waterproof connectors for the front head lights and fans, as these could be subject to the odd bit of water (not that I intend to get it wet of course)


while bullet connectors have been used in the boot and everything has been P clipped in place.


The only thing that was left was the wire for the number plate light. I did this by drilling two holes in the n/s hinge

and an access hole in the side of the boot


I then used a stripped wire from a length of 2.5mm twin and earth to thread through the boot. If you pull it out at each access hole and then carry on to the next it is pretty straight forward. Once the pull wire was in place I hooked taped the number plate light wire to it and pulled it through. You have to be careful not to pull to hard as the wire can get trapped between the two skins.


So that’s it for the electrics. “Where’s those instruments”


I have also now fitted and connected all the cooling system stuff using some nice blue silicon.


Header tank bolted to cross brace using some rivenuts and M6 bolts.

Also while I was in GD I spotted something shiny out the corner of my eye and naturally I had to have it.

DSC01620 DSC01619

These stainless heater pipes make for a nice bit of bling and keep the engine bay nice and neat.

The washer bottle was fitted which in a different place to GD recommended due to my fuel pipe being to far over to the left.


It also meant moving the fuse block too. Only minor adjustments and with so many Cobras out there I’ll always now which one is mine.

Fuel Tank & Pump

The fuel tank fits in the boot and just requires a couple of straps to hold it in place. But before the tank went in I needed to fit the fuel tank sender.


This was an easy job made hard by the fact that it is awkward to get a decent low fuel reading due to the shape of the tank. But after much messing about with the multimeter and tipping of the tank upside down and back again I got there. It was just a case of soldering the float arms and fitting the sender. I drilled and tapped the tank for M5 bolts and applied some Blue Hylomar to all surfaces to ensure a good seal.

I then took two pieces of aluminum, bent them to the correct shape to fit the tank. These were then fastened in place with some M6 nuts and bolts.


I then mounted the fuel pump, filter and regulator and made the connections.


This was then bolted to the inside of the boot.


I will be boxing the pump assembly in before carpeting. I am also waiting for a connection for the regulator from the States to enable final fitting.

Update On Build - Windscreen

I am finding myself with a bit of time on my hands while I wait for my final bits (adjustable pedal box, instruments and carpets. So I thought I’d update the blog with build progress.

I fitted the windscreen, GD had already marked the body where the support legs enter so after these had been cut holes were drilled in the legs and it could be bolted in place.


This then allowed me to get a measurement for the wiper spindles. Then using a piece of MDF cut to the same angle as the spindles I opened them out to the correct size using he trusty Dremel


Once I was happy with the holes I fitted the spindles, I have not full tightened them as I will need some movement when I fit the Bundy tubes.


Friday, 9 April 2010

Disappointing News

Well I’m afraid that my goal of the Stoneleigh show is not going to happen. I am actually quite close but unfortunately still waiting on the pedal box, instruments and carpets. The heater arrived last week and the other bits are imminent but I wont have enough time to fit them and get through the IVA. The good news is that I have booked for the Le Mans Classic, complete with parade laps in July, so I shouldn't have a problem with that.

Although I have not posted for a while I have still been busy with the build. The wiring has been done as far as possible with out the instruments. The windscreen has been fitted and removed wipers installed along with the doors, bonnet, boot, fuel tank , fuel pump and filter etc.

To put the smile back on my face I decided it was time to give the engine a start. I checked through the wiring, carefully making any live feeds safe and added a bit of fuel to the tank.

With a very shaky hand and the old ticker doing ten to the dozen I tentatively turned the key.

The wife was standing by with the video camera and guess what “NOTHING”.

After much guffawing and leg pulling by the “video operator” I traced the fault to the feed for the coil packs not being connected.

So here we go again, still feeling a lot of trepidation and also sensing that “the video operator” was going to get fed up and go back inside to watch “Eastenders” I said a little prayer and turned the key.



Only a short burst as I still have to connect the water, but at least it let me give a smug smile to my now very impressed “video operator”

Apologies for missing out previous parts of the build,  I will add these over the coming week or so. I just couldn’t resist posting the first run.