Friday, 5 March 2010

Bits & Bobs Before The Body Goes On

After sorting the engine bay out it was time to finish all the bits before dropping on the body on.

First up the body mounts that support the transmission tunnel needed a bit of fettling.


The bolting of the body on these is optional but they do space the body of the chassis tunnel and if not chamfered off the top of the mount fouls the tunnel top. If you are using a grinder to do this I suggest you wear a mask as it gives off some pretty nasty fumes.

Second on the list was the tunnel top sheet. A few measurements and a big hole saw later it was ready for fixing.


Finally having a look around I noticed I hadn’t safety wired the diff carrier bolts.

You also need to apply some strips of foam rubber to the tunnel top sheet and cut out a hole in the transmission tunnel body which I did but in my excitement at getting the body on I forgot to take some pictures.


  1. Don't you have the lockwire going the wrong way around?

    Here's mine:

  2. Thanks Marcel, Well spotted, posted wrong picture, changed it now. My mate luckily spotted the error of my wiring ways just before we put the body on, so manged to rectify it.