Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Radiator Round Two

I took the radiator down to Westons my friendly local fabricators and got them to set to doing a few alterations. First up was to change the bottom hose outlet, I had made up a 90 degree bend for them and they welded it on.


I then got them to weld up the top where I had chopped off the filler and sort a centre aluminium strut for the fan mounts.


It was then off back to the garage to start mounting the fans. I began by making a couple of aluminium brackets which I then fixed to the side plates of the radiator by drilling and tapping a 6mm thread into them. I also tapped a couple into the centre support strut.


All that remained was to bolt the two fans onto the brackets and centre strut.


Add a few bits of rubber hose to the mounting lugs and drop it in. Job done.


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