Monday, 22 February 2010

Carpet Capers

I had a call from Andy today. It appears that the carpet suppliers have gone bust and are in the process of being taken over. The upshot of this is that the new carpet people are quoting 12 weeks until they get everything sorted. The trimmers have offered him an alternative but he thinks the colour is wrong and it's a bit bathroomy. 

After talking with him I have decided to wait the 12 weeks and will either fit the carpets at a later date or fit some cheapo stuff until they are ready.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Exhaust Sorted

I took the exhaust into GD today. What I initially thought were that the cat pipes were short, but it turned out that the centre bobbin support bracket was in the wrong place. It would appear that there is a slight difference in the placing of the T56 5 speed gearbox mount and mine which is a 6 speed. Lester whisked it away, a quick flip over of the support bracket and 10 minutes later he had it all sorted. Customer service at its best.



No excuse now, just need to fit it.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I dropped into GD on Friday and picked up the exhaust


Andy is still waiting for the cherry bombs but there is enough here for me to be getting on with.

First job was to fix the shiny new headers to the engine


This was all pretty straight forward although I had to remove and refit the coil packs to squeeze them in. I had the original gaskets which are reusable so I just gave them a smear of RTV silicon and bolted them on.

I then started to assemble the cat pipes and cross over. At this point things started to look amiss. It would appear that the cat pipes were to short, a quick call to Andy at GD and he tended to agree and suggested that I drop them back in for Lester to extend them a little.

Under Body Sealant

Another job that has been on going for the last few weeks is the applying of the sealant to the inner wheel arches and other vulnerable areas to stone chips. I used Isoflex Liquid Rubber for this.



Two coats were applied, it was quite difficult to brush on as it is quite thick. I did try warming it up a little but it didn’t seem to make much difference.

Radiator Round Two

I took the radiator down to Westons my friendly local fabricators and got them to set to doing a few alterations. First up was to change the bottom hose outlet, I had made up a 90 degree bend for them and they welded it on.


I then got them to weld up the top where I had chopped off the filler and sort a centre aluminium strut for the fan mounts.


It was then off back to the garage to start mounting the fans. I began by making a couple of aluminium brackets which I then fixed to the side plates of the radiator by drilling and tapping a 6mm thread into them. I also tapped a couple into the centre support strut.


All that remained was to bolt the two fans onto the brackets and centre strut.


Add a few bits of rubber hose to the mounting lugs and drop it in. Job done.