Monday, 25 January 2010

Radiator & Alterations

The radiator I am fitting is aluminum, it isn’t the GD one, but one I was offered by a friend. This had its pros and cons. “The Pros” it’s free “The Cons” it doesn’t quite fit and it was free.

This meant cutting the top chassis radiator brackets off, making some more and welding them back on.
The radiator is slightly higher than the GD one so I made a longer bracket. This will throw up another problem which I will explain later.
Here they are all ready to be welded on. Now my welding’s not as good as Lesters at GD but I’m just about confident enough to tackle this.
After a bit of grinding and fettling I was happy and gave them a coat of etch primer ready for spraying.

The finished result you’d hardly know the difference.I've got to take it to my local fabricators for a spot of alloy welding here and there so I'll get that filler cap chopped off.
Now for that other problem I mentioned earlier, while it all looks good and will perform well I’m sure, the actual radiator is about 40mm taller than the GD one. This may cause a problem when coming to fit the air filter. I have a couple of solutions in mind so watch this space.

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