Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fitting The Engine

The day had arrived. It was time to drop that big V8 in the chassis. I bolted on the alloy engine plates that GD had made for me and the engine mounts and it was time to “rock and roll “
If you fancy making your own plates there is plenty of information on LS1Tech and HERE or HERE
I also got GD to knock up a plate for the gearbox mount. I forgot to second coat it so I’ll have to get round to that. This is another part you could make yourself quite easily.
I decided to take the accidental reverse solenoid out and make a plate to blank it off as this feature is not used and it also allowed me to centre the gearbox better.
With the engine and gearbox all trussed up like a chicken we maneuvered it into place.
Engine Going In
To be honest all went well here and it slipped in without any complications at all.
Engine In
Happy Look at that Happy just wish I could start it and here the beast running. Still good things come to those who wait.

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