Monday, 25 January 2010

!!! AAAAHHH !!!

While I’m waiting for some more parts fro GD I though I’d tackle the engine loom wiring. I am using the original LS1 loom and ECU. This will be fine but is in need a little modification.


So lets set to it and do a bit of exposing.



Not to worry as always there is always someone out there who has done it all before and special thanks go out to Jim off the Cobra Club Club Forum for his list of the wires required for my needs.

So after an afternoon of identifying and eradicating I found I didn’t need all this Nerd ( I HOPE ) Nerd


Tape it all back up, tidy up with some bits of conduit and that’s it, all sorted. Don’t know what all the fuss was about. Big GrinBig Grin


All the loose wires are marked up ready for connection to the relevant gauges and ancillaries etc.

Again thanks to Jim, you made a daunting task quite straight forward.

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