Monday, 25 January 2010

Radiator & Alterations

The radiator I am fitting is aluminum, it isn’t the GD one, but one I was offered by a friend. This had its pros and cons. “The Pros” it’s free “The Cons” it doesn’t quite fit and it was free.

This meant cutting the top chassis radiator brackets off, making some more and welding them back on.
The radiator is slightly higher than the GD one so I made a longer bracket. This will throw up another problem which I will explain later.
Here they are all ready to be welded on. Now my welding’s not as good as Lesters at GD but I’m just about confident enough to tackle this.
After a bit of grinding and fettling I was happy and gave them a coat of etch primer ready for spraying.

The finished result you’d hardly know the difference.I've got to take it to my local fabricators for a spot of alloy welding here and there so I'll get that filler cap chopped off.
Now for that other problem I mentioned earlier, while it all looks good and will perform well I’m sure, the actual radiator is about 40mm taller than the GD one. This may cause a problem when coming to fit the air filter. I have a couple of solutions in mind so watch this space.

!!! AAAAHHH !!!

While I’m waiting for some more parts fro GD I though I’d tackle the engine loom wiring. I am using the original LS1 loom and ECU. This will be fine but is in need a little modification.


So lets set to it and do a bit of exposing.



Not to worry as always there is always someone out there who has done it all before and special thanks go out to Jim off the Cobra Club Club Forum for his list of the wires required for my needs.

So after an afternoon of identifying and eradicating I found I didn’t need all this Nerd ( I HOPE ) Nerd


Tape it all back up, tidy up with some bits of conduit and that’s it, all sorted. Don’t know what all the fuss was about. Big GrinBig Grin


All the loose wires are marked up ready for connection to the relevant gauges and ancillaries etc.

Again thanks to Jim, you made a daunting task quite straight forward.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fitting The Engine

The day had arrived. It was time to drop that big V8 in the chassis. I bolted on the alloy engine plates that GD had made for me and the engine mounts and it was time to “rock and roll “
If you fancy making your own plates there is plenty of information on LS1Tech and HERE or HERE
I also got GD to knock up a plate for the gearbox mount. I forgot to second coat it so I’ll have to get round to that. This is another part you could make yourself quite easily.
I decided to take the accidental reverse solenoid out and make a plate to blank it off as this feature is not used and it also allowed me to centre the gearbox better.
With the engine and gearbox all trussed up like a chicken we maneuvered it into place.
Engine Going In
To be honest all went well here and it slipped in without any complications at all.
Engine In
Happy Look at that Happy just wish I could start it and here the beast running. Still good things come to those who wait.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well what a fun time I’m having. Rubbing down has got to be one of my most loathed jobs, her indoors always does it when we do the decorating but for some reason I just couldn’t get her to take an interest in the Cobra. I'm sure it was the fact that it’s freezing outside or she’d of been out there like a shot ( lol )
I started off cutting out and drilling all the holes that GD had kindly marked out for me.
Body Holes
Next it was onto the flash lines on the body, armed with all the necessary tools I set to it.
After a few hours (seemed like days ) I started to make progress.
The next stage is to polish it up using Farecla and the buffing machine.
Having got a bit fed up with all the rubbing down I thought I’d trial fit the doors. Now in the build manual it says the doors are pre marked when it’s in the mould. Well mine weren't.
So after a bit of measuring and carefully opening out of the holes I managed to get the catches fitted and the doors swinging.
So that’s it I’m happy with the door fitment. It will need some minor adjustments when the rubbers are fitted etc.
Still not wanting to go back to the garage and carry on with the rubbing down, it’s freezing out there, I decided to strip the doors down and paint all the metalwork. I did undercoat it all in the garage standing as close as possible to the heater. BBrrrrrrrrrrrrr

But for the top coat I commandeered the conservatory, much warmer and thankfully a very understanding wife.
They still need a couple of coats but I’m getting there.