Thursday, 3 December 2009

More Front Steering Geometry & Steering Rack

I fitted the steering rack to the slotted mounts on the chassis. Andy supplies the rack with polyurethane bushes which are already split so they just pop straight on. The track rod ends are then screwed on and inserted into GD’s supplied new steering arms



Once the rack was fitted it needed to be centered, this is done by marking the input shaft and setting a datum on the steering rack with the aid of some masking tape. I counted the number of turns from full right lock and marked it then back to full left lock and mark it. Then turn the rack back to 1/2 the number of turns between the marks.


So the next job on the list was to set the toe in. I did this by clamping a 1m long piece of angle to each disc face and then measuring the front and back of the angle then subtracting the rear measurement from the front to give me a toe in/out figure


Our friends at GD recommend 0mm to 1.5mm toe in overall , so it was just a case of winding the track rods in or out until the required toe in was obtained.

Well now I have the correct toe in, but which way are the wheels facing. For this it was back to my trusty bit of angle clamped to the centerline of the chassis as marked when setting the rear axle up.


With the laser level clamped to the disc I marked the red dot on the angle, then repeated it on the other side. I then measured the distance between the two marked points and marked the centre of that on the angle. I then moved the angle so the centerlines on the angle and the chassis corresponded and adjusted the track rods until the laser came back to the marks made on the angle. Now we have all wheels pointing in the right direction.

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