Tuesday, 15 December 2009

!! Great News !!


Andy from GD called today to tell me the engine mounts are ready………. and wait for it……………



I told him he was just like Santa and he said he’s going to wrap it with a big bow and everything.

I’ve booked the van and will pick it up on Monday. So it’ll be out with the wet and dry over Christmas to get all the shut lines done, gel coat the engine bay, cut the holes and polish.  Party


  1. I guess I'm too late to put in my two-penneth about the body colour!?

    Anyway...5011 Steel Blue please!

  2. You will be busy over xmas, I'm at that stage now of sanding and buffing the shell, I decided to flat down the whole shell :)
    So far so good on the bits I've done

  3. Andy, what can I say, you caravaners are always a bit slow in making decisions.