Thursday, 3 December 2009

Front Suspension Set Up

I at last got the wishbone sleeves back from Wards and guess what they were still to tight except for one. I decided that I would break out the emery cloth and rub the shafts down a bit, 10 minutes later they were a nice snug fit.

The build up of the wishbones is pretty straight forward remembering to use copper grease which should help to stop any squeaking and aid smooth movement.


Once all the ball joints were torqued up it was time to set the camber. The GD recommendations for this are 0 degree to 1 degree negative. I added a 1/4” shims to give it a mean angle and then adjusted it by adding removing shims to get the required result.

DSC01390About 1/2 degree negative


To set the caster shims were added or removed to the top ball joint.


Caster is required to make the wheel follow a straight line without assistance and create self centering. The angle required is between 3 degrees and 5 degrees. I used Simons very handy template for this operation. It can be found here. I’m not sure what I and doubtless many other GD builders would do without Simons site.


As you can see with the template placed up against the disc brake lugs which conveniently represent a line parallel to the steering axis I have managed to get a caster angle of 4 degrees.

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