Sunday, 6 December 2009

Front End Round Two

After my less than pleasing outcome to the finish of the front end build I have now stripped it all back down and redone all the geometry. I am pleased to report that I now have all wheels present and accounted for.
Toe in 1mm overall….Camber 1/2 degree negative both wheels….Castor 4 1/4 degrees….Full Droop to Full Bump about 5mm projected over 3 metres.
All measurements are well with in recommended guidelines. I’m still unsure of exactly went wrong the first time around, but it’s all sorted now so I can sleep at night
While I was at it I set the front hub end float and checked the disk run out.
Everything was ok here so it was just a case of fitting the locking washer and split pin.
Then the dust cap followed by the wheel and repeat for the other side.
Well not much else to do now until Andy sorts out the engine mounts.

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