Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Body Arrival

Well woke up this morning full of cold and looked out the window to this.

Fortunately not to bad so popped along to the van hire place to pick up the Luton.

Luton Van

4m long x 2m wide so body should fit just nicely.

While I was at GD I nipped upstairs and took a couple of photos of the body being made, I was lucky that the one in the moulds was the same colour as mine (Copy Cat)Wink

Mould 1

It really is a thorough process. The jigs holding the moulds look as substantial as my chassis, so not much chance of any movement there

Mould 2

So after a quick drive back I was the proud owner of a RAL 5004 GD427 Body.

The body looks fantastic. A superb finish straight out of the mould. The colour is brilliant too, blue in some lights and black in others, just what I was hoping. Once it’s got the bright work on and been decked out in some nice sumptuous leather I reckon it’ll be a real head turnerDancing

Right off to the garage now for a couple of weeks to get sanded and polished up.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got to Andys and back home again, BIG grin on the face no doubt :)
    You will prob have your shell sanded and buffed before me at the rate your build has been going.
    On the bright side all the sanding will burn of the xmas fat lol