Thursday, 19 November 2009

Toe In Toe Out

It’s time to get technical and find out what the rear axle geometry is like. I dropped the chassis on and started to take some measurements to find the centre of the hubs and the centre of the chassis. With this done I clamped a laser level to the rear hubs and projected it down to a piece of timber clamped to the front cross member.

Hub CentreFront Centre 

After taking the measurements I arrived at the result shown below:


Looking at this I appear to have to much toe in on the N/S and toe out on the O/S with a line of thrust 4mm towards the O/S all be it over 2400mm. The recommended as advised by the GD manual is 0.25mm – 1.00mm toe in each side. 0.5mm – 2.00mm toe in overall. Mine certainly isn’t this with an overall measurement of 0.18mm. 

Just in case anybody is interested the formulas for working out are shown below:

Microsoft Word - Document1 
So it’s out with the spanners and shims (when I get them) to do a bit of correcting.

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