Monday, 23 November 2009

Toe In Toe Out Chapter 2

Finally managed to get the rear geometry sorted out. What a mess around that is, makes you wonder how Jaguar ever did it and how accurate they were. No pics to post as it’s basically the same procedure as before but more of a pain in the a**e.     


Microsoft Word - Document1

The results were a lot better with 0.99mm toe in overall, well within the tolerances set by Gardner Douglas 0.25 – 2.00mm and a line of thrust to the O/S of 0.25mm over 2400m is nothing to worry about.
I also spoke to Ed at Ward Engineering today and the front wishbone sleeves are in the post so front suspension build up is imminent.


  1. Well Done that Man!


    P.S. nice diagram :)

  2. Thanks Simon, as my old man used to say if it aint broke don't fix it