Thursday, 19 November 2009

Wishbone Woes

I thought I might fit the front suspension while I'm waiting for some shims for the rear diff brackets. I had already made the wishbones up with new bearings and Polybushes

I offered the lower wishbone up to the chassis and the fulcrum pin wouldn't go through the Polybush sleeve. Now Andy states in the build manual that sometimes reconditioned shafts are slightly over size due to plating and may need sanding down with emery cloth. Mine are the originals, so I took out the digital calipers and checked, bang on at 13/16. So lets measure the sleeves.


0.8095” some 0.003” smaller.Crying A quick telephone call to Wards and Ed says “ no they’re not right send them back and I’ll change them for some that fit. So I'm now waiting for shims and replacement sleeves.

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