Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Brake Pipes

While I’m waiting for the front wishbone sleeves to arrive I thought I would fit the brake pipes. Pretty straight forward really, especially if you use the GD kit. All the pipes are cut to the correct length with the flares and fittings already done. It’s just a case of running them along the chassis, I taped them in place until I was happy with the fit.

DSC01371 DSC01372

I then marked and drilled holes for 5mm rivnuts, my right angled drill attachment came in useful here.
While I was drilling holes I took the opportunity to spray some Waxyol inside the chassis tubes.


The brake pipe was then fixed to the chassis using rubber lined P Clips and some 5mm button head allen bolts.


The P clips need to be at no more than 300mm centres to satisfy the IVA Regulations. That’s another job ticked off.
I should get the wishbone sleeves by the end off the week, so it will be on with the front suspension over the weekend.

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