Thursday, 12 November 2009

Body Colour Suggestions

At the risk of opening myself up to ridicule I’m going to put it out there to everybody as to suggestions for a body colour. As I’m not having the car sprayed I am limited to any RAL COLOUR which will be in gel coat, there is still a fair old choice.
I was thinking of something to contrast/compliment nicely with the chassis colour RAL 5022.
So go on let me know what you think I’m sure there are plenty of people out there with a good eye for colour.
Tongue out Don’t be offended though if I just take no notice of anybody and have it black Tongue out


  1. Looks good. Interesting to see you picked a blue, spooky as I have just asked GD to do mine in 5002 blue. I thought this should contrast well with a black body. Can't comment on what colour you should go for though. But I remember Andy saying that they can mix a bit of black into a colour to darken it a bit as the colours look lighter on a larger scale.
    Don't go black body, as you'll be copying me. hehe...... oh wait......doh.

  2. Thanks for the comments, they say great minds think alike, after all we both picked GD also....

  3. Yellow and blue alan. Like Valentino Rossi. Very very eye catching, and If done right, stunning, and not naff !! Simon CCF