Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Waiting For The Chassis

When I ordered the chassis, Andy at Gardner Douglas said it would be 6 weeks, then ummed and ahhed a bit and said “you’d better give us up to 8 weeks as we’ve got quite a bit on at the moment”. Well I’m into my 7th week now and still no news. I am going to have to give him a ring. I don’t think he realises that the suspense is killing me and every time I log onto this damn blog, the first thing I see is that bl**#y timer ticking down.
There will be no more to report until I get the chassis as everything is now done and waiting. I might drop something on about the rear differential when I get it back from its refurbishment, which is being done by a kind member on the Cobra Club Forum.

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  1. Hey Alan,

    I'm down at GD on Thursday for a suspension set up so I'll have a rumage in the workshop and see if it is in there ;)