Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This is another area that a lot of cobra builders send away. But on strip down and close inspection the bores had no marks and the calipers were in quite good condition generally. I did replace all the pistons and seals though, new pads etc.
I decided to give the front calipers a nice coat of Foliatec Yellow Caliper Paint. Maybe a bit gay looking but it can’t all be black, silver and chrome, Can It ???

The rear calipers just got a waft over with the old silver spray

I actually remembered to take some before and after shots of the handbrake calipers. They got the same treatment as the rears with the silver spray. I can’t build up these as I am still waiting for some springs from Wards. Anybody know that feeling ?

Looking around at some of the other builders who have sent them away I feel that I would probably do the same on my next build as the cost difference is very small and you get nice shiny galvanised brakes that are pressure tested etc. That said, there is always satisfaction I feel, in doing it yourself.

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