Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rear Differential

Still waiting for the chassis Sad  but dropped in and picked up the rear differential which has been reconditioned by a very kind member of the Cobra Club. All new bearing and seals etc, a superb first class job. Thank you very much Russell.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

!!! Great News !!!

Just couldn’t help myself and gave Andy a call at Gardner Douglas this afternoon, I was really glad I did, the chassis is in the jig now being welded and off to powder coating on Tuesday, so should be ready next weekend or the one after.

banana010banana010 Yippee banana010 banana010

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Waiting For The Chassis

When I ordered the chassis, Andy at Gardner Douglas said it would be 6 weeks, then ummed and ahhed a bit and said “you’d better give us up to 8 weeks as we’ve got quite a bit on at the moment”. Well I’m into my 7th week now and still no news. I am going to have to give him a ring. I don’t think he realises that the suspense is killing me and every time I log onto this damn blog, the first thing I see is that bl**#y timer ticking down.
There will be no more to report until I get the chassis as everything is now done and waiting. I might drop something on about the rear differential when I get it back from its refurbishment, which is being done by a kind member on the Cobra Club Forum.


This is another area that a lot of cobra builders send away. But on strip down and close inspection the bores had no marks and the calipers were in quite good condition generally. I did replace all the pistons and seals though, new pads etc.
I decided to give the front calipers a nice coat of Foliatec Yellow Caliper Paint. Maybe a bit gay looking but it can’t all be black, silver and chrome, Can It ???

The rear calipers just got a waft over with the old silver spray

I actually remembered to take some before and after shots of the handbrake calipers. They got the same treatment as the rears with the silver spray. I can’t build up these as I am still waiting for some springs from Wards. Anybody know that feeling ?

Looking around at some of the other builders who have sent them away I feel that I would probably do the same on my next build as the cost difference is very small and you get nice shiny galvanised brakes that are pressure tested etc. That said, there is always satisfaction I feel, in doing it yourself.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Engine Dilemma

Now the engine was quite a dilemma. Should I go for the traditional small block Chevy / Ford 350/351 and stroke it up or a newer injection model like an Chevy LS1 or LS6. 
After more or less deciding on an old Ford 351 that I would then strip and rebuild into a 393 stroker over the winter months I happened to come across a 2001 TransAm Firebird Ram Air that had been in an accident with a LS1 5.7 litre in it. 
It had only done 35000 miles and was still in the car, which let me hear it running and check the oil pressure and it also came with all the ancillaries, starter, alternator, ECU etc. Not forgetting the T56 6 speed gearbox.

So that was it change of plan and now the proud owner. I know some critics / traditionalists will say it’s not correct for the car and it’s a bit gay but I’m more than pleased with it and that’s what counts.

Chevy 5.7l V8 350hp
Chevrolet LS1 5.7 Litre V8   350 Horsepower

Laughing  Don’t Look Much Now But Wait Until The Puppy's In & Running Laughing

Front and Rear Hub Refurbishment

The hub refurbishment was pretty straight forward.

The fronts just involved new stub axles, bearings and seals. All torqued up and correct end float set. Again no pictures of the build, just the finished article complete with new EBC discs.

Front Hubs

The rear hubs were a bit more involved and took me back to my engineering days with the old DTI .

I found this video on You Tube which was really helpful.

Yet again no pictures of my efforts but here is finished article  !! I really will have to start taking more pictures !!

Rear Hubs

Now on to the brake caliper refurbishment.

More Pictures

As I get to grips with this blog diary it is becoming evident that I will have to take more pictures. The problem being that I get so involved with the building of the car that I don’t remember until I’ve finished, stand back and look at the end result and think,
“oh bother I should have taken some pictures of that”
Because I am at the point now were all my donor bits are finished when the chassis arrives I will endeavor to do a bit more of the “David Bailey